WAKE for Business Growth

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been in business for over a year
  • You’ve barely made enough to cover the business costs
  • You’re still relying on one or two clients to help pay your bills
  • You’ve been networking for over a year and haven’t received a valid lead
  • You’re getting desperate
  • You’re thinking of giving up


Many business owners feel the frustration of their business failing to thrive in the first couple of years. As business owners we don’t always want to look within to find the cause of this however for your business to grow you have to face the reality that you may be the cause.

You may feel that you have no time as you’re so busy, too busy to take on new clients when you find them. We can become busy fools.

It’s time to take a good look at what you are doing or not doing for your business.

Below are 4 easy steps to WAKE for business growth:


Write it down! Plan your business. If you keep it in your head you’ll forget some of the most important aspects which will stunt your business growth. In the beginning you had wonderful ideas for creating a business but were these committed to paper? Your business plan is a work in progress.


Allow yourself time to work on the business – if you do not allow time to build the business it will not grow. No one knows your business as you do so this cannot be delegated to someone else. You can utilise external services but be clear on what you are looking for and what your goal is.


Keep it simple – don’t over complicate your business. If the simple ideas are working don’t add a more complex structure or you could waste valuable time trying to perfect it. You need to understand it to communicate it to your prospective clients.


Ensure you are clear on what you are offering and to whom.  Are you targeting the right audience? If you don’t know then your prospects wont be clear on how you can help them.


Alternatively if you’d like to discuss your business growth book in for a call with me using the link on our contact us page.