Managing the Mindset for Growth- a case study

There isn’t a single business owner that I’ve spoken to that doesn’t want to grow their income & business however no matter what some owners implement it doesn’t seem to work. I receive many calls asking why their implementations aren’t working as they’ve carried out everything growth experts advise them to.

In many of the cases their mindset does not match their goals. When we start out in business we’re so excited, we have all these plans, our business will make us rich, we will be able to have more family time & finally get paid what we are worth. After the excitement of starting a business the rush wears off, leaving us on a bit of a ‘downer’ where we lose faith in the product or service that just a few months ago was our ticket to wealth. We see our competitors making money where we are not and we envy them, some of us say ‘good for them’ however most of us think ‘Why are they making money but I’m not’.

The reality is that some of us carry doubt in our abilities, once we’ve gone through the changes we need to make and we’re all fired up again there’s often a little voice that says ‘what if this doesn’t work?’. Day by day the voice gets louder if the sales you’ve worked for do not materialise until they become your overriding thought.

One of my clients came to me as he had been in business for just under a year without a single client:

He was networking 30 hours per week. When he first started he was passionate about what he was offering, it was based on a life experience. He attended many networking events on a regular basis however he still hadn’t ‘sold’ anything. I attended the next meeting he went to so that I could observe what he was saying to his fellow networkers.

When he was talking to the contacts at the beginning of the meeting he was asked how business was and he used the word ‘dire’ and then proceeded to let them all know how his business was failing and he needed a sale fast to enable him to continue to trade. When it came to his pitch he begged and pleaded with the group for referrals and said he hadn’t had a single sale since commencing.

We sat down afterwards and I asked him if he knew how ‘needy’ he sounded, he said he was just being honest. What he didn’t realise is the only people he attracted in the room were the equally negative networkers who couldn’t afford to buy from anyone and who wouldn’t be an ‘ambassador’ for him once they left that event.

During the next 3 months we worked on changing his mindset towards his business & his life. The message he needed to give everyone was that he was an expert in his chosen field, which he is. We also worked on his outward message to the world via his presence on social media and his presence in person at events. I asked him to try different networking groups and attended them with him to offer a ‘nudge’ if he reverted to his former self!

He started enjoying the events and didn’t dread going. Once he was confident I asked him to attend the events he had previously attended to show them the ‘new’ man he had become. The results were astounding, the people who were his negative go to group were shocked that their fellow ‘complainer’ had changed so much. The people who previously avoided him spoke to him. His response when asked how he was doing was- life is good and to tell them about his business from the positive angle. He had invites for coffee after by many who wanted to know more.

His first thoughts regarding his business being a success and something others need was right however he lost focus when he listened to external influences and his inner voice. Since working together he has changed his mindset and his business is growing. He has gained clients and has received a few referrals. He also sleeps at night as he’s not focusing on the negative. He no longer worries the business wont succeed. He has cut back on attending networking events however he has a good contact base. He also reciprocates the referrals now as he sees everything as an opportunity.

Changing our mindset towards our business is often enough for us to turn it around.

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