5 Ways to Become More Productive

Procrastination can kill a business.

When faced with the enormity of the tasks ahead business owners often feel that they have no time to manage what needs to be done.

 If you are you working ON the business as well as IN it you have no choice but manage your time and tasks more effectively. Below are 5 ways to become more productive:

Stop worrying– if you can’t change it then you’re expending valuable energy on something that you can’t make a difference to. If you can change it plan it into your day.

Plan your day the night before– By planning the night before you are already ahead.  You don’t need to have a sleepless night as you know what you face the next day.

Decide what time you start your day– It may sound simple but by deciding what time you will start you are already taking ownership of the day

Make a list of all you have to do– Once you break down your tasks you may find them less daunting. If you’re overwhelmed by the enormity of the task make sub lists. Make the impossible feel possible.

Breakdown your day into 20 minute slots with a 5 minute break either side– There are tasks we all hate but are necessary, by breaking down the tasks into manageable blocks even the worst tasks feel manageable. Mix them in with other tasks.

The above may seem obvious however when you are working within your business it’s harder to identify what may help…..

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